Version 2.0 of Statusy

You can expect version 2.0 of Statusy to be released soon. This major update will bring you tons of new fixes and features, here are just a few of them:

Dashboard Redesign

The dashboard is a bit crowded right now. We’re expecting to remove the Status logs and make it their own page. It’ll be replaced with the blogs update feed as well as some new buttons to new features.

Premium Plan

A lot of these new features will only be available on the new premium plan. This will be a plan that costs $25 a month. This plan will give you access to Statusy features that will help you with automation and updating Statusy easier.

QR Codes (Premium Plan)

One of the new Premium Plan features is a way to change your status using QR codes. You’ll be able to print your QR codes for each order, and scan the status you want to update. You can use any QR code reader you’d like.

API Access (Premium Plan)

With the API, you’ll be able to implement your own integrations into your own store. Simply use jQuery AJAX to get the data you want.

Rebrand and Restyle

We’re also going to be rebranding Statusy so it matches our new company brand as well as our other new Apps coming to you soon.

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